Bee House Kit

Everything you need INcluding the bees

Shipping every Monday, starting April 29, 2024 until August.

The Kind Bee
House Experience


Watch Bees Hatch, Hang Out on Their Porch and Build Cocoons

Would you like to take care of our planet and get a front-row seat to watch these friendly creatures at work? Yes, please! Watching these little gals buzz about your garden is its own peaceful meditation, and you’ll feel great knowing that you are doing your part to boost our bee population. (you might even learn something new!)
Fuzzy bellies vs. sticky bellies: Spread pollen faster!
Did somebody say super pollinate?! Yes! These adorable bees have fuzzy bellies, not sticky bellies like honey bees, so they can spread more pollen as they fly over plants and flowers. They are faster than honey bees too, so they can get around to more flowers and plants every day.


No beekeeping supplies! No sticky beehives!
Be a beekeeper without having to do all the work with our starter kit bee boxes. Leafcutters are the easiest bees to raise. No beekeeping supplies, no sticky beehives just mount your bee home in your perfect spot, open the cocoon box lid, and enjoy! Don’t forget to put the home where you can see it…you’ll want to stop by and say hello.

Zero Experience necessary

Beekeepers Wanted

Buzz into Beekeeping

How it works

Did you know over 80% of all flowering plants depend on pollinators? When it comes to pollination, bees are the absolute best option. We need more bees in the world, and you can help with our packaged bees for sale! Plant a garden, raise Kind Bees, watch your environment thrive. Let’s do this, one garden at a time.

Find the perfect spot for your bee home.

Release your bees

Watch them build new cocoons + super pollinate your garden.

Pollinator House Kit

(with bees)


All-in-One Kit = Bee Home + Bee Cocoons + Nesting Tube Box.

All-in-one pollinator kits include everything to get started. Includes a bee home, bee cocoons, and nesting tubes specially designed for leafcutter bees.


Amazing customer service! I will buy from kind bee farms year after year! this was my first year raising leaf cutter bees, and I am hooked! my garden flourished this year due to all these incredible pollinators.

Quinn N.

Wonderful idea and so easy to add to any yard! We received our shipment of bees yesterday morning. There were already a couple of bees that had hatched. We took the bees out to their house last evening and they were already flying around. Hopefully, they stay around for us to see! Quick service and great customer service.

Sasha L.

Absolutely thrilled with the quality of the bee house and packaging! The directions are 100% straightforward and we are extremely excited to hatch our bees.

Megan T.