Kind Bee Kit Instructions 

New to the bee scene?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our bee boxes for sale have​ everything you need.

You’ll have pollen sprinkling across your yard and smiles across your face in no time with our bee boxes.

Arrival Day

Your bee adventure begins! Big smiles and pollen love is coming your way.

  • Keep ’em safe. Don’t remove the cocoon box lid until you are ready to put the bees inside their home. Let’s keep them safe from accidental spills.
  • Keep ’em close. Put your home somewhere you can watch the bee cuteness. Half-moon leaves and cocoons will be under construction!
  • Hatch Inside or Out. Keep the cocoons inside to watch them hatch, or remove the lid and take them outside right away.
  • Warm, dry, morning sun. No sprinkler surprises for our fuzzy-belly friends, please!

All people who purchase our bee boxes for sale​ should read our full instructions below.

Setting up your bee farm kit in 3 easy steps

Gardening has never been so easy!


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Here is how to find the perfect spot


  • Near plants + flowers.  Your bees need to eat, don’t make them work too hard to find food! Find a spot within 300 feet of the flowers + plants you want pollinated. 
  • Spill free. Look for a place where they cannot be knocked over or threatened by any house pets. 
  • Above the waist. Keep your home above the waist to prevent moisture and ground critters from bothering the bees.
  • Commit to a spot.  Please try not to move the home or the bees might have trouble finding their new location.
  • Hello-able! Somewhere you can easily walk over, say hello to your bees, and experience the bee activity. Go ahead, enjoy!


  • AM sun. Your Kind Bees love morning sun, and do not love direct afternoon sun.  Even though your bee home has an overhanging roof to protect the bees from too much direct sun, we recommend you do not face the home west if you put the home in an area that gets afternoon sun.


  • Stay dry. Kind Bees do not like to get wet!  Keep your Kind Bees away from sprinkler spray.  The design of the home will protect them from natural rainfall. 

Hatch ‘em inside or out?

We’ve designed your cocoon box with a breathable viewing window so that you can experience watching the bees as they start to hatch, if you choose.

Option 1: Inside Hatching. 

Keep the bees inside so you can watch them hatch, and once they start you will take them outside to your bee home.   *Option 1 is great for anyone who wants to see the bees hatch, or for those bee lovers that live in a cooler climate. 

Where to put your bee cocoon box:

  • Lid ON.  Keep the lid on your cocoon box the entire time you have it indoors.  It’s ok, the window is breathable material!
  • Keep ‘em close.  Place the box somewhere you can easily keep an eye on your bees. A window sill is a perfect spot.
  • Warm temps. The temperature is between 70-90 degrees. Your bees love warmth! If this range is not an option due to air conditioning or natural temperature, please move your bees outside or find another place within this range.
  • Spill free. Be sure to place the cocoon box somewhere it will not be knocked over, spilled on, or threatened by any house pets. We don’t want Bandit the family dog to take off running with a mouthful of bee cocoons…and he probably doesn’t want that either.

Option 2: Outside Hatching. 

Let’s move the bees in!  Take the bees straight outside to your bee home and let them hatch there.

Cut the stickers that are securing the top lid to the bottom tray, remove the top lid of the box and place it in the bee loft (the space above the nesting tubes) in your bee home.


It’s all about the time and temperature.

The warmer the cocoons get, the faster they hatch.  If they are in a cool temperature – indoors or outdoors- they will take a little longer. 

Option 1: Inside Hatching. 

What kind of timing to expect: 

  • 1-3 weeks for cocoons to start hatching, depending on temperature.
  • Once you see 1-5 bees, it’s time to take them outside and follow the directions in Step 2 for Outside Hatching.  Your bees will start to wake up and mate right away. The mating will take only a few seconds.

Option 2: Outside Hatching.

What kind of timing to expect: 

  • 1-6 weeks for cocoons to start hatching, depending on temperature. Your bees will start to wake up and mate right away. The mating will take only a few seconds.


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