Maximize Your Greenhouse Blooms: Kind Bee Farm’s All-In-One Pollination Solution

Greenhouses are the perfect place to experiment and hone your green thumb! You can cultivate new and exotic plants, cross-breed different varieties, and prepare for the upcoming garden season. As greenhouses are the breeding ground for experimentation, why not try your hand at mass-pollination this season?

Kind Bee Farms offers an all-in-one Pollinator House Kit equipped with everything you need to introduce bees into your greenhouse: the house, nesting tubes, and a box of hatched Leafcutter Bee cocoons!

Keep reading to learn more about adding leafcutter bees into your greenhouse’s ecosystem.

What’s so special about Leafcutter Bees?

These gentle bees are one of nature’s best pollinators, gaining them the famed reputation of super pollinators. Their pollination power is impressive: one leafcutter bee is equivalent to twenty honey bees!

Leafcutter bees love hot weather and sunshine. They are happiest in climates that reach 87°F (30°C) and hotter. Mounting their Bee Home in a warm greenhouse is the perfect climate for them to thrive without the annoyance of rain!

The Bountiful Benefits of Leafcutter Bees

  1. Increased Pollination: Research has shown that greenhouses with only 150 leafcutter employ-bees receive increased pollination equivalent to the work of 3,000 honeybees! Our Kind Bee Pollinator Kit comes with cocoon boxes that hold 200+ cocoons.
  2. Faster Pollination: Leafcutter bees are quick and nimble fliers who can visit more flowers and plants in one day than honey bees. Their fuzzy bellies have pollen brushes that easily pick up and distribute pollen as they fly over flowers and plants.
  3. Uniform Produce: Thanks to their exceptional pollination skills, leafcutter bees are blast pollinators who help produce larger, more uniform fruits and vegetables. They love tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and other flowering vegetables.

Greenhouse Partnership Opportunities

Greenhouses are something of an experiment for Kind Bee Farms! We are open to developing a working relationship with greenhouses across Canada and the USA to learn more about how leafcutter bees impact a closed ecosystem.

Based out of Canada, Kind Bee Farms has been in the agricultural business for over 30 years. We are deeply passionate about pollination and the pollinators themselves, because the number of wild bees decreases yearly. We are doing our part in maintaining the leafcutter bee population and increasing pollination across North America, one Kind Bee Home at a time.

If you are interested in experimenting with mass-pollination in your greenhouse, contact the Kind Bee team at or order your pollinator kit today!